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Things You Need to Know About Hormone Replacement Therapy

In a case where you are experiencing menopause, menopausal symptoms, or even osteoporosis, hormone replacement therapy may be a procedure a doctor may prescribe to you. It would be essential to know how hormone replacement therapy works as well as instances under which you may need it. Hormone replacement therapy is used in augmentation of the body’s natural hormone levels which involves estrogen therapy especially for women with hysterectomy or estrogen with progesterone especially for women experiencing menopause naturally in their midlife stages.

One tends to undergo hormone replacement therapy with the intention of ensuring that the uterus thickens and gets ready for implantation. Bearing in mind that both estrogen and progesterone tend to serve many other functions, it would be essential for one to know their respective roles. Among the other functions include helping the body in processing of calcium as well as aiding in maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels keeping the reproductive system healthy. It is normal for one to have the amount of the natural progesterone and natural estrogen produced by the ovaries to drop sharply especially at menopause.

One would experience symptoms such as hot flashes, mood chances, sleep problems, dryness as well as pain whenever she is making love. Drop of the estrogen also tends to come with osteoporosis all which can be kept at bay by ensuring hormone replacement therapy. A woman who experiences severe symptoms may also need to consider seeking medical attention from a hormone replacement therapy doctor near her.

If you are a lady with heart disease, breast cancer, and liver disease or have ever experienced blood clots, you may consider avoiding hormone replacement therapy. In a case where you do not experience any symptoms of menopause, you may consider avoiding hormone replacement therapy or seek advice from a hormone replacement therapy doctor near you.

It is normal to experience menopausal symptoms for approximately two to three years. There are no strict measures on when every woman experiences the severe symptoms nor is there a specific stage when one reaches menopause. Among the reason you would need to skin hormone replacement therapy from a doctor is to make sure that you avoid any risk that you may experience.

In most cases, hormone replacement therapy doctor will give you hormone replacement therapy as a pill, a gel, patch, cream or even a ring. Some of these methods tends to send the hormones directly to the bloodstream something that reduces chances of metabolic risk factors. One would need to remember that prescription tends to be as important.

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